Can I Email Your Clinic With Questions?

Can I Email Your Clinic With Questions?

Yes, email communication is very effective.  You can send our Support Team a message by completing the quick form on our Contact Page or email our Support Team at
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    • Existing Patient Transferring to Our Clinic

      Thank you for considering Southern Comfort Marijuana Clinic for your care.   If you complete our Prequalification Survey on our website or ask our staff to send you our Welcome Email by providing us your name and email address, a "Welcome Email' will ...
    • What Days and Times are Appointments Available with Your Clinic?

      Appointments are available Tuesday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.  Please contact our Support Team by completing our quick form on our Contact Page, by calling or texting our clinic at 772-218-7262, or by visiting our clinic. 
    • Does Your Clinic Use Text Messaging?

      Yes, we can help by any method of communication that is easist for our patients.  If you want to send us a text, send it to 772-218-7262 
    • Does the Florida Department of Health Have an Email Address?

      Yes, it is
    • Scheduling Your Appointment

      For new and existing patients, you can complete the quick form on our Contact Page.  You can also call our clinic at (772) 218-7262 or visit our clinic at 465 NW Prima Vista Blvd, Port St. Lucie, FL 34983 If you need to reschedule please respond with ...