Checking on Status of Medical Records Request

Checking on Status of Medical Records Request

When we receive medical records from a provider we sent a patient's records release forms to, we immediately reach out to the patient to schedule their appointment.  

If we do not receive medical records timely from other providers, we reach out to their records department to attempt to obtain the medical records.  In many cases when records are not produced from other doctor's offices, these offices will respond if the patient inquires why they have not fulfilled the records request.

Doctor’s offices have varying times for responding to Records Request forms (legally up to 30 days), so please nudge them along if time has lapsed to confirm if records were sent.  If the offices report records were already sent, make sure to ask the date so we can review our inbound fax history but request they be resent anyways (772-873-7398). 

Sometimes, an effective way to get records is by going in person to that office and submitting the written request.  

Some mental health providers will only send records with an in-person request on their letterhead. Ask if there is a cost to sending records – many offices have policies that faxed records are at no charge, others will hold records from being sent until an invoice is paid.

If you are able to obtain the document that shows your diagnosis, please call our office and so we can schedule your appointment and we can scan them at that time. Many patients can access their records via a patient portal if their physician offers one. 

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