Expected Expenses of Medical Marijuana in Florida

Expected Expenses of Medical Marijuana in Florida

Please review our pricing structure and other FAQs on our website, https://socommjclinic.com/pricing.   

Below are some expected costs of being a medical marijuana patient in Florida. 

Our Certification appointments are $165 each, and the orders extend for the legal max of 30 weeks or 7months.
For patients that need additional assistance or have need for a consult visit, the consult Visit is $50.  

Please note, that the Department of Health charges a separate $75 for the processing of your ID Card which will be done annually, separate from any office visits.  


The cost of the Cannabis medication is difficult to predict since everyone’s treatment plan is so different and the dispensary you select has a big role in price setting; it could be $40/month or $200/month.  

Most Dispensaries offer discounts and other promotions; first-time visits, SNAP recipients, Veteran/First Responder, frequent users, etc.   


For a list of the Dispensaries (called MMTCs) and their websites, please see the complete listings at the Department of Health page https://knowthefactsmmj.com/mmtc/