I'm Interested in More Information

I'm Interested in More Information

Thank you for considering Southern Comfort Marijuana Clinic for your care.  We would recommend you check out our website www.socommjclinic.com which goes over a lot of common questions about using Cannabis as medicine as well as the process to get an ID card.  If you complete the pre-qual survey online, then we can send you an additional “Welcome Email" which specifically goes over the next steps in the processes.  For most people, this next step is obtaining medical records which lists your diagnosis.  If you already have these documents to bring to our office we can schedule your appointment; otherwise, we can send you a Records Request form to fax to your other medical providers or you can go in-person and have them sent to us (fax 772-873-7398).  Legal records regarding any disability decisions will also be helpful to add to the chart.

The first appointment can take an hour, as we give instruction on how to complete the State application after we finish the medical certification part, as well as provide education about product selection with scientific strategy and hints about the dispensaries.  We do encourage everyone to watch the Videos posted under the FAQ section of our website for a first time exposure to this new approach to personalized medicine.

Our fees are $165 for the office visit and medication orders that last the legal limit of 7 months (30 weeks).  This fee does not include the $75 processing fee for the ID card which is paid to the Department of Health Office of Medical Marijuana Use.  We also suggest you review the DOH website for more FAQs about the state MMJ program at http://knowthefactsmmj.com/.    

Please feel free to contact our office for any additional questions, we prefer email correspondence sent to support@socommjclinic.com or you may call us at (772) 218-7262.

Thank you,

Southern Comfort Marijuana Clinic Support Team
P: 772.218.7262