I have to take a drug test for employment. Is there something I can do to pass it?

I have to take a drug test for employment. Is there something I can do to pass it?

We advise patients on the health risks and benefits of medical marijuana use.   Unfortunately, we are not experienced in masking the detection of THC or other substances from laboratory testing nor can we provide legal advice. 

The Florida Statutes do provide some guidance regarding medical marijuana and the applicability to private property owners such as employers.  Section 15 of FS 381.986 defines the Applicability of Medical Marijuana Use. 

  1. This section does not limit the ability of an employer to establish, continue, or enforce a drug-free workplace program or policy.
  2. This section does not require an employer to accommodate the medical use of marijuana in any workplace or any employee working while under  the influence of marijuana.
  3. This section does not create a cause of action against an employer for wrongful discharge or discrimination.
  4. This section does not impair the ability of any party to restrict or limit smoking or vaping marijuana on his or her private property.
  5. This section does not prohibit the medical use of marijuana or a caregiver assisting with the medical use of marijuana in a nursing home facility licensed under part II of chapter 400, a hospice facility licensed under part IV of chapter 400, or an assisted living facility licensed under part I of chapter 429, if the medical use of marijuana is not prohibited in the facility’s policies.
  6. Marijuana, as defined in this section, is not reimbursable under chapter 440.

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