Needing an Increase in Milligrams

Needing an Increase in Milligrams

For any edits to the existing orders, we need to schedule a time for a Consult Appointment ($50) to discuss your current Cannabis use.  

For those patients who are requesting an increase of milligrams, please note that we cannot do so for the reason of wanting to take advantage of Dispensaries’ sales (we know the sales are good and you want to buy in bulk, but this leads to supply shortage for our other patients, some whom have come off many prescriptions meds and now have access to neither) nor for those that are sharing medication or participating in re-sale of product.

We want to ensure that you are getting the most success out of your Cannabis routine.  There are a few strategies that are helpful to minimize total consumption and get more subtle benefits, and often the Dispensaries don’t exactly explain this when you are making purchases.  Not everyone will respond the same, some will never find use for cannabis, but many will find with continued experiment, a program of cannabis use that is safe and enjoyable- and their individualized strategy can be a range of doses.  At the consult appointment, we expect that you will be able to discuss your current use; the method of use in your daily routine, the formulations you purchased, and current consumption/milligram patterns.  Prior to making an appointment, we do suggest you review the websites that excel in educating about medicinal Cannabis strategy; specifically those that discuss the concept of Entourage Effects and Microdosing.  


Please let us know if you are requesting a Consult Appointment and note your preferred days/times.  Please feel free to contact our office for any additional questions, we prefer email correspondence sent to or you may call us at (772) 218-7262.

Thank you